The Art of Environmental Activism

The Art of Environmental Activism

Media types, Evidence, and Journalism

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Go Without Fear, a production of Create Communicate Celebrate, Inc. & Greenhead Media, has now screened at several festivals around the world. Enjoy the full 75 min. movie on youtube.

Volume 1 of our homegrown Green 'Zine features the photography of Jim Metzger with prose by Fred Gillen Jr., captured in Nepal during the Greenheart's 1st visit to the Buddha's birthland. Available now on Apple Books.

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Volume 2 focuses on the work of the Vajra Foundation, as the Greenheart joined Maarten Olthof on a short trek in the Nepali Himalayas. Featuring images by james dean conklin, Peg Taylor and Elisa Zazzera. Available now on Apple Books

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